Luisina grew up in a loving family in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, spending her days between school, the gymnastics club, her sister's concerts, playing piano with her mom, drinking mates with friends and wandering around theaters both on and off stage.


At the age of 13, Luisina saw a circus show where she fell in love at first sight with the German Wheel and from that moment on they never separated again. Hand in hand with Leandro Aita, Luisina made her first turns around the wheel at the Espacio Zero circus school in Buenos Aires. After high school, Luisina was fortunate enough to train and work side by side with one of her first and greatest inspirations, Wolfgang Bientzle - an icon in the history of German Wheel as a sport and as an art - who generously invited her to further her practice at CircEsteem, a youth circus school in Chicago, USA.


After 4 years of this enriching experience, Luisina continued traveling the world with her wheel as a professional circus artist, performing on stages in various cities (Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Japan, China, United States, and Argentina), also experimenting with other disciplines such as Cyr Wheel and German Wheel as a duo.


At the age of 24, responding to a need for new artistic challenges and internal exploration, Luisina decided to temporarily withdraw her focus from work in order to place it on her training and growth as an artist. She spent three years at the National Circus School of Montréal and, in 2019, she graduated from the DEE Generalist Artist program in the disciplines of German Wheel and Cyr Wheel (Minor in Hula Hoop Manipulation)

Once graduated, Luisina co-created and performed two shows at Montréal Complètement Cirque: “Fireside”, with Joel Malkoff, Bobby Cookson, and Daniel Stefek, and “La Morte d’un Cerf-Volant”, with Clara Prezzavento (Co. Luisina&Clara), a 30-minute alternative circus piece where the only circus element used was one German Wheel.

Luisina&Clara went on to perform their show at Aloft in Chicago, IL (US) and in November 2019 they premiered the full-length version of “La Morte d’un Cerf-Volant” at Banfield Teatro Ensamble in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Luisina&Clara performed at the Buenos Aires’s International Independent Circus Festival (FICI), and in 2020 they joined Circo Lokomotiv’s summer street shows in the coast of Buenos Aires.

Luisina Rosas - Circus Artist from Argentina - Specializing in German Wheel and Cyr Wheel

At the moment, Luisina is involved in two collaborative creations (virtual and non-virtual) with artists from various backgrounds such as theater, dance, and contemporary opera, with an emphasis on researching the potential of the human voice, in deep connection with physical language.

Luisina continues pursuing her education and love for movement and dance, currently studying Choreographic Composition in Dance-Theater at the National University of Arts (U.N.A) in Argentina. She is also diving into the world of music (a long-time pending dream for Luisina), learning to play the guitar and the keyboard. Together with her partner & musician, Santiago Fernandino, they are in the very beginning of a new creation process for a touring show that will combine circus and live music, including live-looping. 

Luisina hopes to continue growing as an artist and human and to remain forever curious, to keep playing and creating, to spend time with family and friends, take long hikes in nature and reflect upon the inexplicable, the paradoxical, the painful and the beautiful of life, with the wish of moving through her days learning how to love, respect, and find harmony in the relationships with others, herself, and the planet.

For questions, comments, or projects, please do not hesitate to contact Luisina. Thank you!