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By Clara Prezzavento and Luisina Rosas

LA MORT D'UN CERF-VOLANT (Death of a kite) is a circus piece, a German wheel piece. The artists, two women, follow the same evolving cycle every time: the one of mourning. Shock, denial, anger, sadness, resignation, acceptance, reconstruction. Their bodies express mourning-- mourning for someone, mourning for ́childhood, mourning for convictions, mourning for lost battles, a mourning of despair; they move, and say all those things for which we just have no words.


They go through these cycles, always alternating - they share the load. One gets tense, the other listens. One struggles with guilt; the other one is there, protective, ready to support her. One goes through phases of total abandonment-- the other takes charge, shakes her, takes her head out from the mist, gets her back on track; there they go again... They find each other in a game. They play, to forget a bit, to keep their minds healthy. When the record gets stuck, they keep playing, obstinately.

This piece is about the courage to keep the eyes open when what one sees is unbearable. The artist’s goal is to keep each other awake, to not to let the other fall asleep, to not let go, to not hide from each other. They want to open up, to erase all borders. A human experience is as simple as it is complex: sad things that make you laugh, funny things that make you cry. It is this experience they go through together.

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